In the Glassgarden
After a long introducing
You can listen to the story
Which happened during the roaring seventies in July

People sweat in the sun
Sitting feet by feet, watching the big game
They didn’t know that all that happened to them
Was about themselves, including their fantasy

And the circus went on
With the so-called glittering mutations
Applauded by the audience
While praying to the silence
And the mood changed
Into a crystal clear freezing atmosphere
With a burning smell in the air
Phoenix rise out of the ash
Is coming along with a terrifying crash
Hydra is laughing, she’s got nine heads
So she expects admiration
The big bird doesn’t care
The Hydra in his nails
He enters the space
With rageful wings like blowing sails
To the invisible things
To the eternity

Pull Down Your Mask
Pull down your mask, wolf in the sheep-skin
You ate the dwarf with the iron leg
The glass-eye union is missing him yet

It’s a real ashaming situation
A dollar a day keeps the fuzz away
But the wolf is still afraid
(The wolf is still afraid)

Prayer to the Silence

Turning up with a devilish grin
The master has shaken his three big bags
And suddenly come from everywhere
Snakes and rats and big fat cats
Hunting themselves in the mirror

Now you got the ammunition
The ambition you’ve got too
So they tell you the direction
Save your face in time
And hide the clue

At the station I saw witches
Buying tickets with a smile
Offering to me a fool’s cap
But the spell they could not say

What they’ve got was an apparent flash from the master
And know how to run, not to die, a-ha!
And know what to do, what to do, to get high
To get high!
Why don’t they stay ’til the X-ray day
And fly with an unbelievable acceleration
To their planet out of our sun system
To their planet out of our sun system

Tahsin Ünlü

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