Now I know you’re coming home to me
Say it again now
You’re coming back to me
Say it again and the sunshine’s
You’re coming back to stay

Nothing I could do to stop you leaving
Going away now
You’re leaving all the time
You wouldn’t remember about me far away
Nothing more to say

You left me when the days
Began to be the same day everyday
You left me
You said you had to take a rest
With all that you possessed
You said you loved me

Dreaming of the time when I first saw you
Everyday now
You couldn’t ask for more
Gotta believe that the sun shine’s everyday
Your coming back to stay

I knew that I would only have to wait
Though I could never hope to see you
And now I know you’re coming back to me
There is no lack of love to greet you

Now I know you’re coming home to me
Say it again now
You’re coming back to me
Try it again and the sun shines
You’re coming back to stay

Forsaking electric instruments, Dando Shaft nevertheless radiated the same level of energy as electric British folk bands like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. Driven by hand percussion and standup bass, the Coventry-based group created a sound marked by intricate patterns and complex textures.

Formed as a five piece group, Dando Shaft initially featured the melodic interplay of guitarist/vocalists Dave Cooper and Kevin Dempsey and mandolin/violin player and vocalist Martin Jenkins.

Releasing their debut album, An Evening With, in 1970, Dando Shaft added Leamington Spa-born vocalist Polly Bolton, who had previously sung with June Tabor, before recording their second album, Dando Shaft, in 1971. While Bolton added the influence of Bulgarian music, sales of the band’s albums remained disappointing. After recording their third album, Lantaloon, in 1972, the group disbanded.

Following the demise of Dando Shaft, Jenkins went on to play with ex-Fairport Convention fiddler Dave Swarbrick in Whippersnapper, while Bolton embarked on a solo career.

Although it reunited to record an album, Kingdom, in 1977, the album failed to deliver the hoped-for commercial breakthrough and the members of Dando Shaft went their separate ways.

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