Over the green hills and into the sun
That’s where I feel I ought to be goin’
Blue sky above me and green earth below
Don’t even matter which way I go Yeah!
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
The trees hold their arms out to catch what life gives
But the people today seems to s***** all there is
They can take all I own. I don’t need anything,
I’ll just follow the river, and see what it brings.
Ah ah ah ah ah.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
I need to be free where the air is clean
And the sparking river is cool on my skin

When the sun rises I’ll follow it’s glow
And I won’t stop moving till it’s sinking low
Ah ah ah ah ah.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Tahsin Ünlü

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