The darkness winds between the ancient stars.
That light the sky.
The stars are bright but doomed to die.
And far below the brooding castle lies.
The crumbling towers, they too must die.
But deep inside… a baby cries.

The infant boy must learn the rules of life.
How things must be, too young to see.
He holds the key.
But soon the child begins to grow.
A prince to rule.
A web of stone.
He feels alone… Gormenghast.

And time continues endlessly.
The boy becomes a man.
He must escape the fate which he begun.

The nights prolong, the days are gone.
The darkness is as one.
But through the shadows’ Titus sees the Sun.

So jumping on his horse he rode away.
They watched him go,
Their faces grey, and it was day.
Off he rides toward the world,
He’s left his past, his steed is fast,
He’s free at last… Gormenghast.

Tahsin Ünlü

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