I stood upon an island in Erebus middle land.
And grasped at dancing shadows
In a world so strangely grand.
I saw a smiling gypsy play
With grace and beauty fair
I saw a falling dewdrop splash
And sprinkle in her hair.
Then turning to the waking day
She smiled and danced with glee.
Her grace looked on
As beauty dawned
And called to mystery.

Now mystery
Though hard to see
Looked cold and strange to me.
Sometimes inviting, sometimes exciting,
But always wonderingly.
And by his side the old man hides
Much hidden from the day.
His partners look,
my bones he shook,
Down misty morning way.

Then I climbed upon an autumn leaf
And sailed away to find.
The glory of the silver seed
A meaning of some kind.
Over the sky of liberty
And down the path of time.
Through floating leaves of tranquility
In shades of every kind.

I rolled across the golden sea
On waves of sleeping mist.
Climbed past the stream of every change
Within eternal bliss.
Then came upon a garden God,
It’s paradise I thought.
Wake up, wake up, for heaven’s sake
It’s nearly nine o’clock

Tahsin Ünlü

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