Lord of the Ages rode one night
Out through the gateways of time
Astride a great charger
In a cloack of white samite
He flew on the air
Like a storm
Dark was the night
For he’d gathered the stars in his hand
To light a path through the sky
While the hoofs of his charger
Made comets of fire
Bewitching all eyes
Behold them

Lord of the Ages, nobody knows
Wether he goes, nobody knows

Below a dark forest in caves of black granite
The children of darkness dwelled in oblivion
Betraying one another in endless confusion
But the Lord of the Dark had bewitched them
From times first creation
The wise men and prophets
And all workers of magic
Had warned of the wreckoning
The wind and the fire
And the plague of destruction that follows the path
Of evil

Lord of the Ages, nobody knows
Wether he goes, nobody knows

Far above the wide oceans and thundering rivers
Through the sun and the rain
And the turn of the seasons
Rode the god of all knowing
While all around him celestial companions
Friends from the void before time was woven
Honour his crown with words of white fire
And carry his robes of light

Wether he goes, Nobody knows

But in the peace of a valley
A young child was born
Filling the night with his crying
And an old man gave thanks to the Lord of the Ages,
Whose battle is not with innosence
But the birds of the air were silent
Knowing the time had come
When time is forgotten
The waters were stilled
The mountains stood empty
But the cities were deaf
Long long ago

Enough, cried a voice and the earth was awaking
Poor and the rich felt the brink of the fire
Death and destruction rode out together
Turning the world to a funeral pyre

It was the lord of the ages
Gathering in the harvest
I thank the lord of the ages
Gathering in the harvest (repeated)

Gathering in the harvest (repeated)
And from the blood and the thunder of men and their dying
His eyes dark with sorrow
The lord of the Ages
Gathered in his harvest

But to the old and helpless
The weak and the humble
To the children of light
His words of compassion
Breathed on them gently
Resolving the darkness across the great valley that rumbled with fire
And from the death and destruction
The lord of the Ages
Carried the fruit of the harvest
To freedom

Lord of the ages, nobody knows
Wether he goes, nobody knows

Tahsin Ünlü

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