The clock tolls the hour and the morning’s come
and the wreck of the meal is on the table
now I lay by your side, when the candle lit has died

and I couldn’t find the words for to tell you

so I’ll bid you farewell as you’re sleeping
and you stand all alone in your world
the words that we shared are but shadows that fly
through the hours that run without waiting
to say goodbye

(Goodbye) say goodbye
(Goodbye) say goodbye

I’m going out upon the highway
aiming for a city line
sky above and the road beyond
and I’m movin’ on

waiting in the freezing rain
maybe hitch a southern ride
a plastic meal on a motorway
and the city lights that burn the sky

no one around and you know you’re a long way from home
I’m going easy down the highway
looking out for something new
sky above and the road beyond
and I’m movin’ on, I’m movin’

The sun burns the sky and it sinks in the west
and my footsteps lead down to the sea
now I’m far away but I seem to hear you say
take care my love while you’re gone
(Goodbye) movin’ on
(Goodbye) movin’ on

Tahsin Ünlü

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