O.P.M.C. (Oldest Professional Music Company, as they were living in the famous Amsterdam Red Light District in those days) centered around Barrie Webb and Teun van der Slikke with different line ups during their existence. Other musicians in their recordings feature Frank van Tijn (drums), Peter van der Sande (bass, cello, elctric guitar, keyboards – plus he also did arrangements and production) and Onny Lopulalan (lead guitar), some of them having served in other interesting Dutch bands such as Apartment 1 or Serpentine. Even ex-Outsiders’ legends Leendert Busch and Appie Rammers were at once among the O.P.M.C. line up!

On their second LP, ‘Product Of Pisces And Capricorn’ from 1971, their sound has reached higher labels of sofistication, mixing the popsike path with 70’s rockier stuff.

‘These two young men could have had the music world at their feet. If you listen the songs on this OPMC album, it will become apparent to you that they both loved the Beatles, yet they still managed to make their own style of music with ‘A little help from their friends’ • Robbie Dale Robinson (Admiral MBF. Retired)

Originally released in Pink Elephant in 1971, the Wah Wah reissue will come housed in a quality glossy laminated gatefold sleeve reproducing the original artwork, remastered sound, and featuring an insert with photos and liner notes. Limited edition of only 500 copies……………

An even more tuneful set than the first record from OPMC – one that features shorter tunes with a bit more lyrical appeal – and this style of dreamy harmonizing – mostly a mix of acoustic guitar with well-crafted basslines and drums that give things just enough kick – and although the group are Dutch, lyrics are all in English – and pretty captivating too…………….

A splendid vinyl reissue of this much sought after psych LP by a great Dutch-British duo, consisting of Barrie Webb and Teun van der Slikke, who were joined by a host of highly regarded guest musicians. Originally released in 1971 by Pink Elephant, this sophomore album takes the duo’s psychedelic folk and pop style in a more rock orientated direction. This reissue comes with remastered sound and housed in a quality glossy laminated gatefold sleeve reproducing the original artwork. The insert offers photos and liner notes. Limited edition of only 500 copies…….

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