Another weekend and I feel so low
All dressed up but nowhere to go
There’s just a voice on the radio
To make me feel good inside

It seems so long since those crazy days
Hot summer nights and long lazy days
Then we both went our own separate ways
Trying to feel good inside

I got so close, I had you here in my hand
I’d turn back time but I’m only a man
I’d give this right arm if I could see you again
But that can’t be done

Now I don’t know if you’re alive or you’re dead
All I’ve got of you is this picture of in my head
If I knew you were happy, at least I could accept
And try to feel good inside

I think about those times again and again
But there ain’t no use in just remembering when
We can’t control time, the hand or the pen
Having written it just moves on

Another week and I feel so low
Just passing time and time moves so slow
How things could have been, I guess we’ll never know
But I want to feel good inside
Just to feel good inside
I want to feel good inside

Tahsin Ünlü

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