I lay down beside you:
I am a unicorn, you a virginal maid
And I come in laughing play
But, maybe, to be saved

Peer through the backcloth:
I am a character in the play
The words I slur are pre-ordained
We know them anyway

Don’t change your mind, don’t be a fickle friend;
Don’t change your mind, don’t pretend
To something false

Open the toy-box :
You are Pandora, I am the World
If you cross the stream, you never can return;
If you stay, you’ll surely burn

Don’t change your mind, don’t come all orchid eyes;
Don’t change your mind, don’t disguise the fear you feel
It’s real, and you must
Guard your castle well
For I am the lone wolf and the boar at bay
Grant me your Pax, you know we only live today
And on, and on, and into
“So long”
It takes so long to drown
It takes so very long to choke on the taste you’d spurned
If you cross the stream you never can return
If you stay you’ll surely burn

Tahsin Ünlü

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