Do not look on back
For the things we lack
Searching for a future in old memories
Looking for our destiny in histories
Burn The Bridges
Burn The Bridges

Those who have control
Never where you are
There’s such a lot of wisdom
That is stuck in books
But it’s economist and physicists
Who cook the books
Burn the Bridges
Burn the Bridges

Trust in facts that stay
That can’t be washed away
Like the light of day
Truth will always stay
Burn the Bridges
Burn the Bridges

Laughter is where you are
It is something that is more
Wisdom is where we’ll go
It is something that is sure
There is nothing that is pure
Who am I?

And every recipe you’ll ever see
Will say inside
A pinch of salt sir
I n this age of gross deception
Cynics rule
They’re on the surface
Truth will conquer
Love will surely win

Tahsin Ünlü

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