“Do you mind a question? Please sir, stay
What was life like in the olden days?”
“Long ago, ago, ago, ago before the war”

“Contractors to Her Majesty’s Government we were
Dealers in honest trade, aye
There were some mighty queer folk about
But most were honest workers and knew their place
I was a skilled craftsman, mark you
The work was hard and the hours, they were long
Ah, but there was a maiden
And her name was Marjorie

Long black hair she had like a gypsy
And the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen
And I called her an angel
And I was right, she was

Then there was the war
The war…

Forging a pathway for freedom
Using resources we need them
Though our foes are human beings
We stand between them
And the life we do condone

Shipped out to Belgium to stop them
Plastered and shelled them
But lost ground
Bombs and rockets, V2s over London city
And the world at their command

And back in Yeadon, Marjorie
Stood beneath a factory
I was assured she felt no pain

Withdrawn from Dunkirk in cruisers
Who cares says I, we’re all losers
No-one wins – both sides the victims of our nature
May the future learn

And back in Yeadon, Marjorie
Died beneath the factory
A Messerschmidt her destiny

You who think the rest are wrong
And stand so tall and feel so strong
Please be sure that you yourselves are not mistaken
For the future won’t be long”

Tahsin Ünlü

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