We, on our present life
Knew that the stars were right
That if you are the first to go
You’ll leave a sign to let me know
Tell me so
Please, carry the Lantern lights
You crossed the sea of night
Free from the spell of fright
Your cloak it is a spirit shroud
You’ll wake me in my sleeping hours
Like a cloud
So, please, carry the Lantern high
Me, in my sorry plight
You waiting every night
My face it turns a deathly pale
You’re talking to me, through your veil
I hear you wail
So, please carry the Lantern light
The servants sleep
The door’s are barred
You hear the stopping of my heart-we never part
So, please carry the Lantern high

Song Review by Matthew Greenwald
Another one of the underappreciated songs from Their Satanic Majesties Requests, “The Lantern” is indeed a psychedelic folk song and sounds as though it was inspired by the then-popular Incredible String Band. Some excellent guitar riffs from Keith Richards on both acoustic and electric foreshadow his layered work on Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed, and drive a subtle, but slightly bluesy melody that is one of the album’s best. Lyrically, the song seems to have literary inspirations, not unlike some of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd songs of the period. A very restrained and beautiful horn arrangement balances true craftsmanship with the psychedelic excess of the day that permeates the album.

Tahsin Ünlü

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