The sunlight hits the city
As a hammer hits the glow
The gypsy waves farewell to me
As I hit the Poppy Road
I’m a Wild Child
I’m a Wild Child

I’m standing on the hillside
With two rainbows in my hair
One is for the living love
The other for the dead
I’m a Wild Child ….

I hear the sound of voices
And a working day begins
My souvenir is misfortune
And a burning heart within
I’m a Wild Child ….

The echo of a guitar
And the singers standing by
They tell about her future
But they never tell me why
I’m a Wild Child ….

The world is in my hands
The sorrow in my name
Since I heard you cry for me
I’ve never been the same
I’m a Wild Child ….

I’m throwing down a coin
Into the wishing well
I hear it hits the water
As a rambler hits the trail
I’m a Wild Child ….

So when you see me passing by
Looking for some help
Don’t talk, don’t laugh, don’t criticize
But care about yourself
I’m a Wild Child ….

Tahsin Ünlü

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