Walking slowly through a forest
Falling autumn-colour leaves
Sunset sliding golden rivers
Through the shadows of the trees
Grey-back squirrel runs to safety
Scared to see you walking by
Blackbirds sing to one another
Their voices mingle and harmonize

And sitting by the oak tree roots
That thread into the stony ground
And in the gathering evening twilight
Listen for the lonely sound
Like tissue paper in your hand
The wind that shakes the falling leaves
And blows them gently down to earth
To land upon a golden sea

Fill your pockets full with pine cones
Scattered on the emerald grass
Gather bits of bark to draw
And acorn cups and leaves to press
Paint the sunset splashing crimson
On the purple velvet sky
Play the tunes the sparrows sing
And watch the clouds go floating by

Thoughts go drifting through the trees
Through slanting beams of dying sun
Play shadow games upon the grass
And see the little creatures come
They’ll gather round and watch your hands
Draw silhouettes all on the ground
And hurry home and tell their friends
Of where they went and what they found

Tahsin Ünlü

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