These days I mainly just talk to plants and dogs
All human contact seems painful, risky, odd
So I stay acting god in my own universe
Where I trade cigarettes in return for songs
The deal’s made harder the longer I go on:
I find me gone from all but secret languages

If only I could phrase satisfactory words
In conversation, to make my passion heard
If only….

Meurglys iii, he’s my friend
The only one that I can trust
To let it be without pretence
There’s no-one else
It’s killing me, but in the end
There’s no-one else I know is true
There’s none in all the masks of men
There’s nothing else
But my guitar…
I suppose he’ll have to do

Talking in tongues is easy when you know how
Quite pleasing, but still nothing works out right
Pressurised lungs, heart bleeding, you’d better slow down
And show that you can make it through the night
However dark it seems, the present is just the present
Beyond it no further darkness lies concealed
And through these desperate dreams
This longing for friends and comfort
You know that in the end all will be revealed
When no more plants or dogs or rooms are there to hear you
And no-one is left near you, then you’ll see:
In the end there’s only you and Meurglys iii
And this is just what you chose to be
Though I know all this is just escape
I run because I don’t know where the prison lies
In songs like this I can bear the weight;
I’m running still
I shall until
One day, I hope that I’ll arrive

Tahsin Ünlü

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