Searching for diamonds in the sulphur mine
Leaning on props that are rotten
Hoping for anything, looking for a sign
That I am not forgotten;
Lost in a labyrinth of future mystery
Tracing my steps, all mistaken
Trusting to everything, praying it can be
That I am not forsaken
I wait by the door
Wondering when you will come and keep me warm
I pray for the end of the night
Hoping the light will still the storm
Which presently entraps me:
Helpless sea-monster stranded on the shore
Marooned in an ecstasy of waiting
I yearn, although knowing that I shall dive no more
In the tide already racing

My lungs burst to cry:
“Finally how could you leave me here to die?”
I freeze in the chill of this place
With no friendly face to smile goodbye…
How could you let it happen?

How could you let it happen?
Dreams, hopes and promises, fragments out of time
All of these things have been spoken
Still you don’t understand how it feels when I’m
Waiting for them to be broken

Tahsin Ünlü

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